Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy
is the oldest Wing Chun
school in Boston

Sifu Stanley Jue
Head Instructor since 1985

The Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy (WCKFA) is the foremost martial arts institution for teaching Gu Lao Wing Chun in the Boston Massachusetts area.

Wing Chun is fast, effective Chinese martial art know for its close range fighting techniques. It is a traditional style based on the Snake and Crane kung fu styles on the Shaolin.

Unique characteristics of Wing Chun:
  • Keep It Simple:

    Simple and effective techniques are favored over complicated and flashy techniques.

  • Avoid Fighting Force with Force:

    The stronger person always wins a contest of strength. It is better to stay relaxed and deflect the force.

  • Be Direct:

    The shortest path is a straight line. For maximum speed and power, strikes and blocks follow a straight line to their target.

Wing Chun's techniques are based on body structure and mechanics. Furthermore, WCKFA emphasis the fundatmentals of contact reaction, positioning, and timing.

Ultimately, this will allow the practicioner to be fast without speed and forceful without strength.

This makes Wing Chun ideal for beginners and self defense.